At the South Florida Legal Group, we focus primarily on civil litigation related to business, immigration and criminal defense. With our focus on business litigation and business law, we are uniquely qualified to provide sound and structured legal advice in a competitive business market.

Our Expertise

 When you are facing complex business issues, it is critical that you have attorneys behind you who understand the law, 

have the experience required, and the ability to protect your interests. You can feel confident that your case is 

being handled by attorneys that are committed to providing passionate, results-oriented representation for your business. 

Business Law

BUSINESS/CORPORATE LAW ATTORNEY Whether you are planning to start a business, or you are expanding your business in Florida,..." rel="">Read More

Commercial Litigation

COMMERCIAL LITIGATION ATTORNEY Whether you are concerned about enforcing an agreement, are involved in commercial fraud, or need defending... 

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Foreclosure Defense

 If you have defaulted with your lender or are in the process of losing your property to foreclosure it is imperative that you take immediate action. Speak to South Florida Legal Group  lawyers, and protect your legal rights..

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Criminal Defense

 Each year, several hundred thousand adult Florida residents, tourists and visitors are arrested for violations of the Florida penal code. If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, you will no doubt contemplate how best to handle your particular case..

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Personal Injury

 Florida law protects accident victims, and allows them to recover money for their injuries. South Florida Legal Groups goal is to ensure that its clients receive adequate financial compensation to account for the cost of their injuries. 

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At South Florida Legal Group, we assist our clients with issues such as investor visas, intracompany transfer visas and green cards. We can also assist with pathways to citizenship for immigrants of any status.

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 Operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, known in most areas as driving under the influence (or DUI), is one of the most common crimes committed in the United States. Unlike other criminal acts, those accused of DUI come from a wide range of lifestyles and backgrounds, from laborers and clerks to students and white-collar professionals no vocation appears to be immune...

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Property Insurance Claims

If you recently, or not so recently, suffered a loss in your home or place of business, due to windstorms, thunderstorms, lightning, roof leaks, toxic mold, fire, theft, vandalism, plumbing problems, or any other catastrophe, you are likely eligible for compensation from your insurance company. Call us now for a no charge, no obligation insurance claims consultation...

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Workers’ Compensation in Miami-Dade

we understand that filing a workers’ compensation claim can be overwhelming for an employee who was injured on the job. The claims process is inherently complex, and insurance companies and employers may try to deny or minimize your compensation...

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